Nano homoeopathy is another step to make already rich homoeopathy richer.

It is the revolutionary new technology that can be used for all chronic and incurable diseases like Cancer .

Unlike prevailing treatment the Nano homoeopathy precisely targets the problem area without affecting healthy tissues.

Just another Breakthrough technology that make homoeopathy richer.

Homoeopathy is almost 300 years old, the Philosophy of homoeopathy rests upon the general interpretations of the system of Nature which
science universally recognizes as fundamental but with the development of science and technology and various new techniques of chemical
analysis and also new and power full microscopes the theories of homoeopathy are now getting solid ground in today’s materialistic world

Recent development, is the research done by young scientists of IIT  Bombay in which they used market samples of metal-derived medicines from
reputable manufacturers, and by using  Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), electron diffraction and chemical analysis by Inductively
Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES),

first time they demonstrated the  presence of  physical entities in the homoeopathy dilutions of potency 30cand 200c, in the form of Nanoparticles 
of the starting metals .
So Homoeopathic remedies (Medicine selected according to the homoeopathic principal of symptoms similarity and after proper case taking and
analysis) are nothing but Nanoparticle.

There are various similarities between Homoeopathy and Nanotechnology

In Nanotechnology physical properties of the molecules changes as their size reaches to the Nano scale (10-9) i.e. insoluble material become
soluble at this scale therefore they can even pass through cell walls and can cause biochemical changes.
As in homoeopathy after the process of potentization various insoluble substances become soluble like silica, Gold and become very effective
homoeopathic medicines silicea, Aurum metallicum etc.

The particles (Nano Particles) at this size are very small and energetic, therefore reaches the site specifically as in homoeopathy remedies are site
specific, either remedy is left sided or right sided.

These Nano particles or molecules (Like Homoeopathy) are very small but have high surface area to volume ratio and therefore allows many
functional groups to be attached to these Nano molecules (Like Homoeopathy)

   In Nano homoeopathy homoeopathic Nano particles( Remedy selected according to the homoeopathic principal of symptoms similarity after
proper case taking and analysis) is  loaded with homeopathically Prepared Nano drug  ( chemicals or crude drugs which  have known action on
the particular disease in consideration) in such a way that homoeopathic remedy remains in lower potency than the Nano drug then by the
process of Nano homoeopathy special procedure potency is prepaired.Here our medicine act like Nano robots which have direct action an disease
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Extreme homoeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A Nano particulate perspective.

Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.